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Curso Online Gratuito "Ecos en el espacio" Introducción a la teledetección radar (Inglés)

09/10/2017 a 12/11/2017 C. VALENCIANA - MURCIA
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Tenemos el placer de presentaros un curso online gratuito de introducción a la teledetección radar:

What is this course about? 
Echoes from space will take you on a journey through the exciting world of Radar Remote Sensing. Learn the basics that will help you to understand where this technology is coming from, how the images are acquired and which manifold applications already use Radar Remote Sensing to help protect our planet.
What will you learn?
You will get a detailed insight into the history of Radar technology. You will learn all the basics that are needed to understand how electromagnetic waves work. You will get an insight in the fascinating technology that is Radar Remote Sensing from space. Furthermore, you will get a unique hands-on experience to work with Radar data in diverse application scenarios.
How is the course structured?
The course consists of five consecutive weeks, each lesson builds on the knowledge acquired in the previous lessons. The course will cover the following topics:
    • History of Radar technology and the discovery of electromagnetic waves
    • Image acquisition Geometry of airborne and space borne Radar systems
    • Land applications of Radar remote sensing
    • Applications of radar remote sensing over Water
    • Application of Radar remote sensing for Hazard management 
Who is the course for?
Earth observation, and Radar Remote Sensing in particular, is widely used in the process of solving the environmental problems of the 21st century. This course is for everybody who wants to get a head start on working with Radar images, for everybody who wonders how this unique technology can help to monitor the state of our Earth and for everybody who has an interest in a marvellous story of scientific discovery, bold engineering and technological progress.
  • Get your hands on data: The course emphasizes on practical tutorials. Learn how to get, process and analyze real world Radar data.
  • Workload: This is a self-paced course. We are estimating an effort ~3h/week.
  • Certificate: You will receive a certificate of achievement for completing the course.